Who held firm the doors to the sea,
when it burst from the womb and came roaring out;
when I wrapped it in clouds,
and swaddled it in thunderstorms?

The name Araphel comes from an old Hebrew word for dark storm clouds. In the poetry of the book of Job, the wild sea is pictured as an infant, with the dark ocean clouds above it as its swaddling-clothes, a beautiful poetic contrast that captures something of the wildness and profound vulnerability of this world. Books should never impact the wild and beautiful spaces of this earth in harmful ways – and that is why Araphel Publishing was formed.

Araphel Publishing was formed in 2021 by author Craig Bingham, who wanted to publish and create his book Ashes and a Thunderstorm in an environmentally conscious manner. Most traditionally printed books are printed on non-recycled paper with petroleum-based inks, leaving many toxic by-products from their creation. Trying to craft Ashes and a Thunderstorm in an environmentally friendly manner has led to joining with companies doing groundbreaking work in the field of printing and shipping supplies, like the shipping supply company EcoEnclose and and the green printer Barefoot Press.